Wednesday, October 7, 2009

2010 Calendar

some illustrations that will appear on the new calendar....

Everyone I know seems to be sick. It really seems like there is more sickness in general this year than last year, and I have been trying to eliminate contact with germs as much as possible, but this morning I woke up without the ability to swallow my own spit. My throat is a bright shade of crimson, and my energy level has taken a dive. In spite of this, I am fully dressed (shoes even!) and sitting at my desk, wasting time and not working anyway. Does this mean I should rent cheesy movies and eat soup today, or will I be encouraging the germs to attack me further?

germs: "well, she is just laying around anyway. We should totally give her a migraine and a runny nose too."
germs: "I don't know. she seems pretty busy. Let's get out of here and let her drink tea and type."

It's a toss-up.

Clearly my brain is not functioning at high levels today, so I think I will stop writing. Now.

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