Thursday, October 16, 2008


good morning!

I just finished the poster for the event I am participating in this November. On November 8, Design Within Reach is hosting myself along with several great local shops for an Art and Design Book Sale. It will be a full day event, where shoppers can come and browse a varied collection of the best books related to art and design and hopefully take a few home. I will be the featured artist, and I hope to have my calendar ready by then.

I am struggling with my first calendar because I started it when I was still technically unemployed, and now that I have been working again I have not touched any of my own work for two weeks. TWO WEEKS! so this weekend will be a buckle down and get some things done sort of weekend, which I am really looking forward to. I also want to make a hearty soup and clean the house this weekend. and go for a long walk. and celebrate our 5 years anniversary with my beau. 5 years of uninterrupted life-sharing and co-habitating and laughing and general relationshipness. so, it should be a good weekend!

OH, I didn't even mention that this Friday is Gallery Night again, and my work is still showing at Urban Outfitters and Blush. If you would like further details on the locations for either store, get in touch!

Time to get ready for work -

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Julia said...

Lovely poster -- good luck on the calendar! I can't wait to see it.