Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Three Lakes, Wisconsin

this was my view as I worked this weekend. I went to Three Lakes, WI with Tom's family, and it was the perfect time to see the colors changing. I brought my laptop to the beach and worked away!

i was also quite taken with the natural pattern of the needles and the leaves, the water, the piers pulled in and stacked until next spring.

I am watching the debate, and my running commentary is always - Why does McCain insist on acting like such an ass? I just don't get it.

more to come soon!


Hilary said...

Lovely! I can see you doing some pine cone inspired things.

McCain is a very angry man. It's scary when he does the nervous/sarcastic laugh. Obama is not only dreamy but he's cool as a cucumber. Smooth. That's what we need. Oh and he's smart too I guess that helps. ;)

amy said...

yes, i am definitely into the pine cone pattern!
also McCain actually does frighten me. I didn't want to get political here, but it's my internet space and I just have to say VOTE OBAMA!

*L said...

swoon. i wish i could be in that part of the country right now.