Friday, August 1, 2008

eek design

"We disregard what we've got, always chasing what we've not"
~Slovak proverb

"Fear is worse than misfortune itself"
~Slovak proverb

These gorgeous illustrations come from the lovely Erin Paisley of eek design. I have always been charmed by her drawings and other creations because everything she does just feels inherently good and romantic and honest. Does that make sense?
I love the proverbs as much as the imagery and I think i need both of these works side by side to serve as a daily reminder while I am on my little independent artist journey. Maybe I will hang them above my "KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON" poster, and it will be my daily affirmation wall.

She has so much more at her etsy shop - definitely worth checking out!

Thanks to Erin for permission to post her images!


Krissy said...

These are wonderful- what a find :)

rachel said...

such lovely pieces! I'm going to check the rest of her shop out right now....

The Lil Bee said...

It does make sense, perfect sense. And those quotes are spot-on. Lovely!