Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I was very nervous about my baby shower - I haven't had a wedding or the associated gatherings, and I have a long history of breaking down in tears when faced with a crowd of people whose attention was focused on me. In college critiques (I went to art school, and thus spent a large part of my education in critique) I would get about one-third of the way through my defense before the tears came. When I've had to give speeches at weddings, I not only will cry uncontrollably, but I will forget whatever I was going to say. It's as though a cloud of moisture encapsulates my eyeballs and then erases my memory, leaving me fumbling for words and wishing that the earth would open up and swallow me. 

Don't ask me to be a presenter at your next event. It will not work out for either of us.

In the end, we all survived. I did not cry, and I only almost passed out once. I was halfway through the enormous pile of gifts when every pore in my body erupted in sweat and that cloud of moisture overtook my brain. I pulled through like a trooper, and I think I even managed to squeak out a thank you to everyone for coming. 

In case my gratitude was lost in that cloud, I'll repeat it now: Thank you. Thank you to my mom and sisters for putting a lovely day together, to our families for coming out to celebrate the happiest time in our lives, and for all the beautiful gifts. This baby will be well-clothed and well-loved and I could not be more excited to introduce her to you all. Three more months!

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