Monday, September 27, 2010

And I forgot to sign them :(

You guys. It's done. I broke my brain on this project a few times, but I think I will make a full recovery.
Someday when I look back at this time in my life, I think I will laugh at myself for being so tightly wound about the whole thing. It was hard, and I loved it.

If you find yourself in Las Vegas after December 15, I would love it if you paid these bad boys a visit. They will be on view at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, which is a new hotel on the strip. I have never been to Vegas and have always said I would never go unless someone else was paying for it, but maybe I will go for entirely vain reasons.

Now to put this day and this project behind me, I am going to sleep for 8 hours, minus the 5 times I will get up to pee and the 4 times I will wake up to move Nori out of my way and then readjust the four pillows that surround me. I swear it takes me 7 hours to get really really comfortable, and then that last hour of sleeping time is awesome. Except this morning, when my hour of awesome sleep was sorely disrupted by a dream about being mad at Tom for installing a pocket door in our baby's bedroom closet. I have a long, sordid history with pocket doors. We'll save that one for another time though.

Argh. You guys. These are all packed up and ready to go, and I just realized - I didn't sign them. Do I unwrap?
EDIT: I did unwrap, signed it, and it is now shipped and on its' way! Yay!!


greenbean art said...

these are UTTERLY beautiful!!!!!!! -from one paper fanatic to another :D


Kate on Clinton said...

These are wonderful! How will these be displayed? Sadly, I won't be getting to Las Vegas anytime soon.

amy said...

These will be framed in shadow boxes, but I won't be there for that so I am very curious what it will look like!

Jenean said...

These are absolutely incredible!! They are so beautiful. I hope to see pics of them in their final destination!

Paz López said...

waitwait this is awesome! I love it. You must have spent a good deal of time planning!