Thursday, September 9, 2010

the nursery

clockwise from top left: "Much Love" print by ashleyg, "Flock of Swallows" mobile from Anthropologie (purchased!),  Elephant clock from Rare Device, "Ampersand" letterpress print by gemmabear, "Punch Drunk" pom mobile by PomLove, "Rainbow bobbles" knitted baby blanket by rocketandbear, "DwellStudio Silver Lake Crib" from Target (thanks Dad and Carla!), "DwellStudio Silver Lake Changing Table" from Target (thanks Cheri and Tom!),  Saarinen womb chair (already own and love), "Fauna Pico Pillow" from Design Public, "Diamond Jungle Dhurrie" rug from Anthropologie.


A few people have asked what my plans for the nursery are. I'm not into the fantasy baby room idea for two reasons: 1. Tom and I have to spend time in that room so we should like the look of it, and 2. Babies don't know the difference. Do you remember anything from when you were in a crib? Me, either. So the room will have baby things but really it's just another room in a house inhabited by adults.

The walls are already a nice warm dark grey that we both love, so that will remain as is (I'll locate the color name - it's by Benjamin Moore). I was at first trying to shun the pink theme, mostly because I don't know about the whole girl=pink boy=blue idea, but it turns out that I like hot pinks and peachy pinks a lot, especially with grey. I'm choosing things for the room that are not so much "baby" as "kid", meaning that these are things that will grow with her. I'm sure there will be plenty of baby things mixed in here, but I can see all this stuff in a little girl's and even an older girl's room too. 

The funny thing is that we plan to have her in our room for the first few months at least anyway, but designing this room is just plain fun. In another week I will be able to start pulling it together - can't wait!