Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You know I love the etsy, but sometimes when I want to look for a specific type of thing, I get lost in the search results, drowning in a sea of blah. Yes, I said it, some of the things on etsy are pretty mediocre. This is an inevitable occurrence, since etsy is not curated and anyone can open up shop. Even me!

So this evening as I was visiting my favorites, I began to browse through the "suggested shops". I browsed and browsed, and then my head exploded because there were too many good things, right there, all piled up without me having to find them.

This reminds me of going to TJ Maxx with my friend Laurel, who is particularly skilled in the art of shopping and has been known to zip down an aisle and come back with an armload of perfect picks for me in 6 minutes flat. This is a great feature in a friend and in a website, because I typically last about 3 minutes in such situations before my will to live wanes and I descend into survivor mode, wishing for french fries and a comfy chair.

Here are a few things I found that are now bookmarked for future purchase, unless I need french fries instead:
mortimer mouse by Hazel Village. He looks like a good lil buddy, and is made with organic, washable materials. I like that in a mouse.

woodland cards by Darling Clementine. There are 8 cards in the set. I don't know if I would even send them out to anyone because they look so good together.

whales tea towel by Enormous Champion. Tom has a long-established rule about not hanging plates on the wall for decoration, but he never said a thing about framing tea towels. Check out animals amassed, too.

This Okinawa bag is pretty much perfect for me. It has a patterned lining, which is great because sometimes searching for items in a large bag can be annoying, but a cheerful pattern will motivate you to keep your cool. Good things going on over at valhalla brooklyn.