Wednesday, August 11, 2010

to do

I love this project from Purl Bee. Adding this to my list of things to do in the next 4 months, which is quite a long list, possibly the longest to-do I have ever undertaken. If you don't see me for a while, that's why. I have to clean out every nook and cranny of our house and rid myself of things we don't need. I have to de-clutter our lives so that we have room to play on the floor and to adjust our clocks to the clock of a new human. I have to ready us for an event that will change everything, already has changed everything. I have to make room for baby.

I started yesterday by attempting to clear out the guest room. This was a silly practice of pulling all the large things out of the room, only to place them in the hallway with nowhere to go. Sorry, chair. Your time here is up. Sorry, lamp. Your shape does not work for us anymore. Sorry rug. Your colors are not right for this baby. 

Once most of it was out, I began to lose my mind because now? Now all this stuff was taking over our living room and dining room and then the crib arrived. Oh hello crib. I am itching to get the crib set up and really get this nursery in order, but. BUT.

It turns out that the other giant item on my to-do list is also the largest piece of art I have ever attempted, and the only wall in our house that will accommodate its largeness is the wall in the guest room. The wall where the crib belongs. The work I will be doing is a commission, due in the next 6 weeks, and its dimensions are such that our little house can almost not contain it. Except this one wall. 

So, the crib will have to wait, and the house will be in disarray, and last night I dreamed that all my hair was grey. This is not to say that I am sad or even frustrated - not at all. I am freaking exuberant over here. Glowing. Skipping. Because yesterday we learned that in 4.5 months, that crib will hold our baby girl.


kri said...

a GIRL!! i'm so jealous ;)

no but seriously, congrats!!! that is so exciting! i have visions of little baby boots and handmade dresses and little tiny patterned tights. i'll just live vicariously through you for now.

amy said...

kri - I am already ordering fabric for little a-line dresses with contrasting tights :) I had started making a couple things for the nursery before I knew she was a she, and it all gravitated toward juicy oranges and pinks, so that's kind of funny. I would have still used it for a boy, but...
mom - sorry your comment was lost - I saw it though :) My comments have been getting corrupted lately, so I might close them after today to avoid future issues until it's fixed.

Sarah Soczka said...

Amy that is so exciting. Baby girls are the best! Congratulations. I can't wait to see you over Labor Day.

Hilary said...

Oh man, you are going to have the best nursery ever. I'm looking forward to pictures of that.