Friday, May 14, 2010

back to work

Back to work this week, after a nice break. It's kind of challenging to sit at a desk for set hours each day after knowing the glory that is doing whatever I want all day. It's also a nice change of pace to know exactly what must be done rather than move from thing to thing each hour. My studio is like a playground in that sense - I want to play with everything and sometimes that means not getting very far on one thing. BUT, this new gig means working about 3 days, and having the rest of the time to do my own work, and that is just perfect for me.

Man, our yard needs a TON of work. Do you want to come over and tear out the whole front yard for me and make it pretty? Me, either. This weekend looks like it will be nice though, so no excuse to not get some serious weeding done. Luckily, in between the weeds, beautiful things like alium pop up and remind me why we even have a yard. Inspiration.

My Fall Bouquet print has now completely sold through! I love when this happens.

I have at least two new prints coming in the next couple of weeks - I can't wait to post them!

Time to let the dog take me for a walk. Have a great weekend!

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