Monday, May 4, 2009

spring arriveth

finally. the sun has decided to join us, spreading warmth and relaxation throughout Milwaukee. We are trying to wrangle our unruly yard, and that made for a couple of visits to the garden centers this weekend.

i love coffee. i would drink it all day if it had no adverse affects, but for now i am good with two americanos...

Here is the workings of Part 2 to "Storms". They will be in the same dwelling, but not the same room. This one already looks totally different, but I am excited about my new pattern. I have been thinking a lot about inter-connectivity and social networking and idea mapping, and how in a way, all of these concepts are the same thing.

Hey, guess what? This month marks my one-year anniversary of working for myself! Technically, I have worked for many people this year, but my time is my own. To celebrate, i will be doing a complete re-design of my etsy shop, and introducing new items. Speaking of which, i have to get to work. have an awesome week.

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