Friday, March 6, 2009

what the

I don't know what happened, guys. I have been working on a new series and I wanted to work differently than I have been - trying something new. I didn't have a plan, I just got started, and the first image shows the direction i took. the colors and landscape got me really excited until i fell into a pit of doubt and painted over it all. it didn't feel like "me", even though I liked it. I wasn't ready for a change so i brought it back to my comfort zone, and now i am wistful for the rolling hills and bright rays of happy color. you live and learn, right? This will reappear later - maybe that was just for practice.

Speaking of rolling happy landscapes (sort of), I am heading to Costa Rica next week! I will post a hold on my etsy and email accounts during that time, but if you are looking for me I will be in a beach house on the Nicoya Peninsula with a big smile on my face. Pura Vida!


MrsHudson said...

oh! I loved the initial shot, with the natural woodgrain coming through...:)

gigibarcelona said...

I loved it too! It's a great direction, and in fact, from what i've seen, very much your style.