Wednesday, November 26, 2008

art vs craft!

please click on this image for a full view.

Don't forget to visit me THIS SATURDAY at art vs craft!!!

I am so excited to be a part of this event, and still have quite a bit to do to get ready. That said, I have to get going! I am off to the post office to ship a calendar all the way to Norway. Norway!

Event details:
Event address: Scottish Rite Masonic Center, 790 N Van Buren St.
Between Wells & Mason in downtown Milwaukee
(The street is a one way heading North)

10am - 7pm. Bring me snacks.

There are 69 vendors, and I will be on the lower level. I will be the one smiling so hard my face may crack in half.

Have a great Turkey Day - I will be enjoying the company of my family and trying to not mentally obsess over my to-do list. Or I will torture them by verbally checking things off my to-do list for the first part of the day until I am satisfied I have it all covered. That's what sisters are for. and moms. and nieces and nephews. and brothers in law and stepdads. get ready, suckers.

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