Wednesday, October 29, 2008

pecha kucha night

Last night I attended Pecha Kucha (pronounced pe-SHAW ke-SHAW, i think) at the Sugar Maple bar in Bayview. The idea was formed by an architecture firm in Japan, and has spread all over the world as a way for a variety of people to share ideas following a set format. Eight people are invited to give a presentation on whatever they choose, and they each show 20 slides for 20 seconds each. While a few fumbled with this format, I found it to be really refreshing and interesting. The presenters were writers, artists, musicians, and....I'm not entirely sure but I don't think they all had creative backgrounds. One guy just talked about the CSA farmshare that he uses, and a woman presented the idea of forming an LLC with your partner rather than getting married. that actually made a lot of sense and was hilarious.
Of course my favorite was the lovely katie martin-meurer, who is not only a good friend but a wonderful artist. She spoke about her work as it pertains to a gyre, and i will just let you look that one up on your own. I do recommend spending some time on her website though, because the images of her installations are amazing, especially if you can't see the work in person.

also, have you ever seen this website? It has been a great time-killer/enhancer for me lately.

here's some studio action:

sadly, i like the design better before I actually sew it the the fabric, so I will have to figure that one out.

edit: wtf, Blogger? My images are all getting cut off, so you can't even see what I am talking about because the design is to the far right! you will have to pretend.

edit, again: Here is a link to Katie's presentation, as well as many other Milwaukee presenters on YouTube.

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j said...

I went to the San Francisco Pecha Kucha (I think it's pronounced like pehCHAK-cha, I think based on how the organizer of that event pronounced it, but who knows?).

Cool concept. I planned a talk for the next one, but then they changed the theme and my talk was no longer on-theme.