Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monthly Review

just had my monthly review with Mr. Nori, my Director of Everything. He took a break from his busy schedule of ball chasing and general naughtiness to take a look at new developments:

2009 Calendar - this is the very primary stage of my first calendar, which I hope to have available by mid-October. This will be a pretty small edition of maybe 25. I have been obsessed with hand-drawn type lately, and will also be coming out with a line of type-centered greeting cards in the near future:

I have to get out of the house now - allergies are kicking into overdrive and a change of place usually helps. Also, I am just feeling squirrely. I think I will camp out with my sketchbook for a couple of hours somewhere. Whenever I do this, I always feel like I am cheating somehow - getting away with something simply because I am not in my studio. This is silly, since I am still working, technically. Or am I?


daisy janie : scoutie girl said...

These both look delightful! Big fan 'o the hand lettering, too!

Kelly Fritz said...

when can I get my calendar ;-)

amy said...

very soon - hopefully this week!