Wednesday, August 6, 2008


oh man.

the little Nori has a major case of fleas. I am horrified to admit it, because it makes me feel dirty, as though my house is packed with junk floor to ceiling and i have 10 cats and there are cobwebs and trash items everywhere. This is not the case though, it's just that the dog is a host that keeps inviting guests to come back and stay longer. So today I will be making trips to the laundromat, hoping my vaccuum holds up, and just cleaning the hell out of EVERYTHING. It will be nice to have a house that is so clean, but i have a hard time believing it will really work. the fleas are still out there. Frontline doesn't seem to work.

Have you dealt with this before? Any tips? HELP ME, PLEASE.


mrs. hudson said...

oh no! I hope he didn't give them to Touhy over the weekend.

amy said...

i hope Touhy didn't give them to Nori! :)

Anonymous said...