Friday, August 29, 2008

Jason Rohlf

Yesterday I took a few minutes to check out the current exhibit at Tory Folliard Gallery on Milwaukee Street. They have a great show up right now, although they typically have a great show up everytime I stop in. the artist that caught my eye and whom I have not mentioned here before was Jason Rohlf. A friend introduced me to his work a while ago, but I had not seen the work in person.

Neither of the works above are what is showing at Tory Folliard, but I felt the image of that piece did not do justice to the work. He is from the Milwaukee area, but moved to Brooklyn in the 90's and shows pretty consistently. I admit, I had a hard time finding a website or any contact info for him, so my reference is only to the local gallery. If you have an opportunity to see his work in person, I would recommend it! The layers of collaged material and varnish give insight to the artistic process, which left me standing as close as I could get to the work, looking through the layers and absorbing the colors as best I could.

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