Friday, June 13, 2008


a lovely peony to brighten up my kitchen. it was given to me as a thank you from a friend whose home is being threatened by the Great Flooding of 2008. For those of you not in the midwest, we have been pummeled by hard rains for the last week, pausing briefly and then coming back just when you thought it could not continue. Fortunately for me, i live at a higher altitude, with the worst of the damage to my home being some tiny rivers in the basement. My friend, however, lives on a river that has risen and is now knocking at her door. We have been filling and stacking sandbags and hoping for the best. The few hours of help I gave is miniscule compared to what she and her neighbors have been doing all week, and I ask that you all send positive thoughts and wishes to her.

what's this growing in my potted plant? a plant that has been indoors its' whole life has now sprouted these amazing mushrooms. Can anyone identify them? are they dangerous? I have been allowing them their course, but now am wondering if i should scoop them out. the plant does not seem to mind the company.

also, AHA! I have finished the illustration i was working on all week and it is a relief. I would love to share it right now, but it is for someone else's project that is set to be released in a couple of weeks. very exciting for everyone involved!

do you or does someone you know need a designer/artist/photographer? i am now accepting new freelance clients...

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