Tuesday, May 20, 2008

custom pillows

aha! I finally sat down and read the manual to discover why i couldn't get any images to download from the camera i have been borrowing. of course it was a simple thing that i was overlooking, the kind of simple thing that is so simple you would never check it because there is no way you would have overlooked it in the first place. so, now we have pictures to go with words.

last week I delivered a pair of pillows to a local customer, who asked me to create the pillows using her grandmother's linens. Her grandmother had given her a collection of linens that she had embroidered many years ago, but time left its mark with various stains and stages of deterioration.

I hand washed the linens to remove what I could of the stains, and then I carefully cut them up and sewed it back together. The result was a sort of collage, and I loved the process of making something so different. My customer loved them, too, so I am especially happy for that!

The second custom order was completely different:

This customer was interested in a certain color palette, and wanted to have something slightly more tailored, or formal, than some of my other designs. I chose a range of greys with a hit of red to spice it up. BAM!


Anonymous said...

Good job Little One!

amy said...

thanks, mom! :)