Monday, July 25, 2011

progress report

The kitchen is a happy disaster right now. The floor ended up having about 5 other floors beneath it, and all layers had to be removed, creating a beautiful opening to the basement. The good news is that the new floor will be level, not creaky, and at the correct height. 
This project has already exceeded my expectations - I can not wait to see it all together!

Here is a peek at some material choices, which I love so much and which I keep samples of under my pillow at night.

black walnut butcher block counters and herringbone marble backsplash
Did I ever mention how much I love interior design? I could put idea boards together all day long.

Here is our beautiful temporary sink, which by chance can hold a baby and a small dog at the same time.

sweet sink.
Currently, the window you see and the back door – heck, the whole back wall of the kitchen – is being sledge-hammered to smitherines and tossed into this pile:
the best pile of junk I've ever seen.

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