Friday, April 8, 2011

baby sneaks

When I was 15, I found these tiny baby sneakers at a thrift shop and have saved them for this day ever since. They are too big for Ava right now, but I am pretty excited about rediscovering them this morning.

They were stored cleverly with a small box of my own baby momentos, where I also found this little pj set that must have once been mine. I'm going to wash it and try it on Ava. Is that creepy? A little bit.

I also came across the huge box of well organized letters and notes that I have saved from the 3rd grade on. I'm talking full 5 page love letters to tiny little notes written on a page corner and tossed from two rows over. Notes passed stealthily in class, shared with friends, and responded to with "yes", "no", or "maybe". Notes accusing and gossiping and experimenting with ink colors. The good old days from before the internet and cell phones. The 80's.

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bbphoto said...

yes...note passing is a thing of the past- my students just sneakily text under the table.... don't really mind as it is no different than us passing notes... unless it is during a test... oh, and of course, they don't know that I don't really mind ;)