Tuesday, February 1, 2011

big love

Ava is 11 days old, and she already looks so different to me. Things we are learning about her:

- She is a noisy sleeper. She growls and grunts and kicks and flails for a good part of the night. She also makes tiny bird noises that make my heart explode.

- She loves music. Tom plays records for her and she seems to be really listening to it. The first song she listened to was The Girl from Ipanema:

- She doesn't like mommy to do anything but hold her. I need a new sling so we can have a compromise on that one, since I am a busy body and need to be moving around more than sitting on the couch. We have the Moby wrap, but I don't think either of us really likes it. We ordered a Bjorn and I would like to try a simple ring sling. Once we have that sorted out, we will be back in business!

In the meantime, I am still shipping orders as they come in so there should be no delay for my etsy customers. The challenge is getting new items listed, but that will work itself out soon enough....

We are expecting a record amount of snow today and tomorrow, so it's a good thing I am still on doctor's orders to take it easy - cookies and tea are in my immediate future...


kri said...

oh! little, tiny stripes ... so precious.
i had a ring sling with jules, but since he was so huge and heavy - i found that the ring dug into my shoulder area and hurt. maybe i was using it wrong? we are expecting a little one come august and i was thinking of getting a moby ... maybe i'll look into some other options though. i'll definitely need to have my hands free! xo

amy said...

Kristina, congratulations !!!! Let me know if you want a midwife recommendation :)

kri said...

Awesome! I'll email you soon :)

Birdies Mama said...

Yeah babywearing mama! It's so scrumptious to wear le baby no? =) If your having troubles with finding the right babywearing carrier, this is a great place to seek help! Great info on safe babywearing (bjorn can be not so nice to baby's spine!)

Lots of videos for how to correctly wear a ring sling (if not worn comfortably can cause discomfort), I used a ring sling for 4 months with Holdyn (after 3-4 months of the Moby - various carries, as well as using a Mei Tai, and that was super comfortable and easy to nurse in. I wore Holdyn pretty much all day, every day and got so much done!

A win win for both of us, all the while growing our bond and learning about one another. =)

Here is a video by a local Mama who is a local (to western ma) babywearing expert!


(i can also give you her email if you would like to get more info about babywearing/help)

I just found this Babywearing group that meets near you! Might be worth it to drop in.



Sorry! I can't help give you all this info, as we have seen the benefits of babywearing for 2 years!


Rallitodeluna said...

I LOVED our ring sling with my newborn, and it was comfortable with her until she was about 10 months... and she was 9 pounds 11 ounces at birth! Try out a sling, you won't regret it! Your little one is adorable BTW!