Thursday, February 10, 2011

3 weeks

Ava is three weeks old today and I am already amazed at how quickly time is passing. 
This is a blanket I knitted at the end of the pregnancy, waiting for her and watching Dexter. Nothing like serial killers and heavy gauge knitting needles to occupy a brain.
Babies are much easier to photograph when sleeping. Less fist-pumping and growly faces. 


We Blog Artists said...

Oh...he's GORGEOUS!!
Love the blanket, but I'm sure it feels better with your little one wrapped in it!

only daydreaming said...

she's so sweet. babies are the best.

p.s. loving my amy m. 2011 wall calendar.

Hannah Nunn said...

teeny tiny beautiful thing!

amy said...

thanks everyone!
p.s. i accidentally deleted a comment from Sarah @ Cursive Design. Sorry Sarah! (stupid smart phone and clumsy fingers)

abigail said...

gorgeous baby, gorgeous blanket!

Lottie Loves said...

sweet pics amy... she's so cute... i'm pregnant and knitting / crochet mad and have just started watching Dexter!

jodi said...

your baby and blanket is divine. do you mind me asking what yarn you were using? And what size needles? I'm almost finished a baby blanket for my second little one but I'm thinking a quick knit will be in order for my last trimester.

amy said...

Thanks Jodi! The yarn I used is from Blue Sky
( ).
I don't know what the gauge is for the needles, but they were really big. It does make for a quick knit and a very heavy blanket. The yarn does shed a lot though but over time it has settled down. Good luck and congratulations!

angdimaggio said...

What pattern did you use? I love this!