Thursday, July 8, 2010

distractedly focused

Well, hello there. Is it hot in here or is just me? The last couple of weeks have been so hot and humid that I have completely rejected my studio. I did make a little baby blanket/play mat, but it's my first attempt at such a thing and I don't think you need to see that. You would just point and laugh and my little ego is pretty sensitive right now, so let's all just look at this hydrangea instead.

So, I don't want this to be a baby blog, but guess what? That's all I can think about lately. It's really distracting. My perspective on my life has always been from an outside, sort of floating above myself position, and whenever major life events happen to me, I am always completely in awe, like I'm watching it happen to someone else and I just can't believe it. Who's having a baby? ME? What? How did that happen? Seriously? ME?! 
I have no idea how I got this far in life.

Especially without this hammock:

And one for baby:


Anonymous said...

Little One, I love your blogs and take on life's events. You are so refreshing. You are going to be such a great Mom.

kri said...

haha ... you're cute