Tuesday, December 29, 2009

hello lovelies

it's been awhile.
Did I mention I have a regular job now?
one that I have to show up to EVERY DAY?
I like it.
new papercut
But I do miss this...
At least for this week, I can enjoy true free time...

SOMEONE has a really awesome BFF (boyfriend forever) who got her a Nikon D90 for xmas, so SOMEONE is trying to figure out how to make pretty pictures with it.

Hoping to be back more this week with progress on picture-making.
Do something really nice for yourself today - you deserve it!


Anonymous said...

welcome back little one....i've missed you!

Hilary said...

Yay! Lovely pictures, lovely home... Inspiring. Now I want to throw everything away, replace it with better stuff, arrange it *just so*, and paint my cuckoo clock. :P

More posts! More posts! more posts!

Anonymous said...

what color is that on the wall? above the pillows?

amy said...

the paint color is Benjamin Moore "Mysterious" (AF-565). It's from the Aura collection if that means anything, and we used an eggshell finish.

mrYen said...

the triangular/geometric artwork is beautiful!

potenta said...

jajaja what a cute dog!

what breed is he?