Saturday, November 7, 2009


I am so pleased with the calendar orders! I am working hard to get these all printed and out the door this week. I would be well on my way through half of the orders today if not for an unfortunate incident at the DigiCopy. I print the calendars myself, (which I will NOT be doing next year)but I take them to DigiCopy to get cut very cleanly and quickly. I went to a new location yesterday, with 30 calendars all printed and lovely and me full of joy over having so many ready to go.

(insert a long string of curse words here and also steam coming out of my ears, and yes, maybe a few tears.)

I watched as a the young lady stacked my work in the cutter and carelessly turned it on without clamping them down properly. I silently screamed when she looked around for her manager before bringing the ENTIRE STACK over to me saying "You didn't center this right. I cut it on the line you drew, but they are all messed up."


They were centered perfectly, I have had them cut before and they are always great. Half of them were salvageable and look fine, but honestly? I am so mad still. I know these things happen, but now my customers are going to have to wait another week and I have to order new supplies and spend the time re-printing all these calendars. And then to find a new place to get them cut!


So, if you ordered a calendar please know that my top priority this week is to get them printed and shipped in the next week. I love what I do so much, so to see it get messed up in the blink of an eye is so upsetting. But really, these things happen. The only thing to do is to roll up my sleeves and get back to printing. First, some laughter therepy:

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