Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Looks like we will have a break from the dreary weather today! There is so much to pack in to a day like this and I am so glad to be up and at 'em nice and early.
I am working on something that I really like too, which I hope to show soon.

Today's To Do:
• Keep working on Thing 1
• Bike Ride
• Take photos of neighborhood Fox family. I saw them at around 8:30am yesterday, so I think I will check the scene at the same time today.
• Yard Work
• Baked scallops for dinner
• Get a haricut? okay, that is probably too much for one day. There is so much more to add, but realistically I will get the above done, plus some paper shuffling and phone calling.

I know, you are all excited about this extraordinary list, but some weeks are all business. I think next week will be more entertaining...

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