Monday, June 1, 2009

keep up the pace

hello friends. do you ever have a day of total equilibrium? I am having that day, but not in a necessarily good way. sort of good. Today is the kind of day in which I have a million ideas, and am struck with the inability to move forward on any of them. After this post I am starting my day over, complete with coffee and not with any form of procrastination. To hold myself to this promise, i pledge to share with you what I am about to work on in the morning. like homework.

Fortunately, I did get the important stuff done: meeting with a client, resum├ęs sent out, new item added to my etsy shop, delivered lunch to my bf (ha! i never really do that but he got lucky today), and i did 7 push-ups. what? that's right, 7. I also investigated some fantastic local designers and i will point you their way tomorrow too - I just felt a wave of inspiration and i have to ride it.

see you soon...

p.s. did I mention that there is new stuff in my shop? Check it check it out!
p.p.s I have just decided that all future posts shall have correct usage of capitalization, but I will stick with my sometimes-sloppy sentence structure, because this is my site and I talks how I wants to talk.

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