Thursday, April 23, 2009

storms and spring

finished a new painting this week! I'll show the whole thing once the sun comes out again and I can get better images.
something on my "to-do" list is to re-take all the photos on my etsy site and just overhaul the whole thing. I am really looking forward to doing that and getting new stuff posted and just getting reorganized in the studio.

in other news, i lost my iPod shuffle. I am about to buy a new one, but I wondered if any of you would like to do a trade? Perhaps you have upgraded to a new version or just have an extra one taking up space - email me if you want to strike a deal...

have a lovely thursday. We are supposed to have great weather tomorrow and I am going to dust off my bike and hit the road. Hooray for fresh air and beautiful sunlight!


Anonymous said...

Amy, love the art, bedroom and you. We won an ipod at a christmas party 2 years ago that has not even been out of the box. Let me check with Bernie.

:-) mom

amy said...