Tuesday, February 10, 2009

baby baby

who doesn't love cutie pie babies? I had a great time taking good old fashioned film photos of this happy little guy a couple of weeks ago. I still use film for portraits because I just think the outcome is a million times better than digital. I also don't have a digital SLR...

Today we are supposed to have amazing weather, so I hope that doesn't distract me too much from a new project that I am working on. I will share bits of this project as I complete it. I feel like today is going to be good day - what are you going to do?

**please click on the images to see them as they are meant to be seen. Then curse Blogger for formatting in such a way that cuts off images.**


BB said...

Film has a quality that is so difficult to reproduce with digital- good for you that you are still a fan!

Brooke said...

Sweet pictures!