Friday, January 2, 2009

new year

detail from a new pillow

2009. I usually mark my years by my birthday rather than NYE, so my time for reflection and goal-setting happened in November. I try to keep my goals pretty simple - for instance when I turned 28 my goal was to participate in an exhibit in a gallery. That year I was part of a group show in Chicago and I was pretty satisfied with having set that one goal. Last year my goal was to leave my job and find happiness through independence and resourcefulness, and in May I did leave my job and now make my living through freelance design and my etsy shop.
This year I didn't really set a solid goal with defined steps. This year what I want most is to consistently follow through with what i have started. I want to grow my business and continue to make things. I want to muscle through any feelings of insecurity and keep my focus on what is important to me, above anything else. I want to keep moving forward, but at an accelerated pace, maybe stepping out of my comfort zone even more and taking risks and making opportunity for myself.
My goal for 2009 / year 30 is to not hold myself back. That is also my wish for you - what can you do to propel your self forward today? What do you really love, and how can you create more of it in your life?


Jessica said...

Happy New Year from a new reader. Your work is beautiful! Hope the year brings you closer towards your goals with lots or wonderful, inspiring surprises along the way.

amy said...

thank you! i hope so, too. :)

sooziebee said...

How very well said! Good luck with your goals