Friday, September 5, 2008


Check out this amazing article at the New York Times about local craft goddess Faythe Levine. I don't think I have to tell any of you who Faythe is, but just in case - Faythe co-owns Paper Boat Boutique and founded Art vs Craft here in Milwaukee (which I hope hope hope I get into this November!). She is also producing the upcoming feature length film Handmade Nation. I recommend reading the article for more info.

I was just really inspired by this article, and continue to be inspired by people like Faythe, who persevere in what they love despite how difficult it can be. She believes in what she is doing and is really working to make it possible for other people to realize their dreams as well.

Speaking of, i have to get to work! I think I will be able to get a photo of the new print today, the sun is peeking out here and there....

Also.....BIG DAY ON MONDAY! my secret project is going to be installed on Monday!!!! Super excited for that.

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