Friday, August 15, 2008

just kidding, here i am!

i am dream shopping while i enjoy my morning coffee, and if i had a regularly paying job i would possibly splurge on these:

i am actually in love with them. oh, Frye. Tom wears Frye's for motorcycling, and i want to match him. Or, I just want super amazing quality boots that i will wear until i am dead, and i think these are it. I can't explain my fascination with this pair - they are the right combination of awesome and cowgirl and i think they have a good sense of humor. they Facebooked me and I accepted.
I am also obsessed with this dress from Anthropologie, but alas. The life of a freelancer does not require cute outfits on most days.

Last night I saw Mama Mia! and I have to say it was SO GOOD. I didn't think i would like it, but I was taken with the Grecian scenery and dreams of ditching my entire life here and moving to Greece, working in a bar, and dancing with locals. I have that same dream about Spain and even Mexico. I could be happy with that life, but I think the student loan officers would find me somehow.
I also loved the emphasis on all the gorgeous Josef Frank textiles:

it was all so visually delicious.

over and out.

EDIT:: did you know Urban Outfitters saves your CC#, so all you have to do is hit "yes, send them to me i need them right now" and all of a sudden you have ordered boots you can't afford with one click? it's true. i almost hit that fateful button, then i closed the window! oh, the torture! i am going to still think it over. the boots are also available on Zappos, for $4 more.


Hilary said...

Why do you do this to me? Those boots are love. You should get them because they will change your life. Boots you will get a lot of wear from. I love the dress (and all the other dresses, really... I need a drool bib if I keep looking at that site) but you won't get to enjoy it as much as the boots, so if you were to splurge for something, I vote for boots.

Anonymous said...

I can see you in them! I had a pair of frye loafer shoes way back. they were my faves, even had them resoled, only pair i ever did that to. last year i took them to a resale shop and they wouldn't take them:-(. i thought they still looked good! they didn't fit me anymore or i would still be wearing them. i say yes to the fryes!

amy said...

oooh, you guys are bad for me! i really might get them. they would be the most expensive thing i have ever bought to wear, but i know i would wear them until they were completely unwearable. hm. i wish i could try them on first.

ofifteen said...

Great boots...I LOVE BOOTS!!!! That fabric is lovely also.

'designing your life'

Anonymous said...

speaking of great boots...what brand are those burgundy boots you wore to chicago for the art showcase at AI gallery? i want to copy you. pls email me.
~cousin kate