Wednesday, May 7, 2008

wisconsin foodie

wisconsin foodie is a brand new half-hour television show promoting Wisconsin's unique culinary offerings. Produced by Arthur Ircink, the show is focused on all the goodies that Wisconsin has to offer, with a sharp focus on Milwaukee to start and a look to expand throughout our fine state.
The reason this show is so different is not only the way that it is filmed and produced, but that it will feature local food production. We will get to see where our food comes from, how it makes its way onto our plates, and who has their hand in that process. It will take a look at the kitchens of our favorite restaurants, and share some great recipes along the way.

Sure, I am a tiny bit biased because most of the people involved are friends of mine and I designed the logo, BUT it is truly a great idea and I know it will do well.

Please join us tomorrow night, May 8, at the Milwaukee Public Market from 6-8pm to celebrate the launch of the show.
The first episode will air this Saturday, May 10, on Channel 12 at 12:00pm - tune in!

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