Friday, May 16, 2008


guys! i'm so sorry i have been a total mess this week. i really do have things to share with you, but some sort of cold or other type of sickness has invaded my body these last few days and i am just down for the count. i have written several posts, but they are just so not what i want to share here, so none of them made the cut to actually be published. i will be back - i hope you will too!
things that have happened recently:
1. danced to a lot of polka at a wedding.
2. took some pics of identical newborn twins
3. tried acupuncture for the first time
4. experimented with a fancy digital SLR camera, from which I can not seem to extract any photos.
5. tom sold his awesome '81 Mercedes, the one that he would pick me up in for our first dates. a single tear rolled down my cheek as i watched some dude from chicago load it onto a trailer to give to his father, who once owned the same model.
6. went to see Flight of the Conchords and MIA

Nori wants you to play with him:


Anonymous said...

i was at the MIA show in milw too! weird. sunday night, right? - Kate

Krissy said...

Adorable pup pic!

amy said...

MIA was Sunday. or was that monday? What did you think about it? I thought she was fantastic, but the sound was so AWFUL i felt like my ears were bleeding. we were right in the front row, until I couldn't take it anymore and we went up to the balcony, right before she invited everyone in the front on stage to dance with her. dang!