Wednesday, March 26, 2008

meredith dittmar

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Meredith last month when she and Betsy Walton were in town for their excellent show at Hotcakes.

I just came across these images on Flickr this morning, and of course all three have been sold already on Meredith's etsy shop.

I think one reason I am drawn to her work is partly due to my obsession with Labrynth and The Dark Crystal as a kid. and as an adult. This is not to say that her figures resemble Gelflings, but it is perhaps a wish to see these guys in action*. For now, I will settle for browsing her website and daydreaming.
This is just the tip of the Meredith iceberg, however. Check out her portfolio for the full effect.
Thanks to Meredith for giving me persmission to post these images!

See more of her work here:

*oh, snap! There is mention on her website that an animated short is in the works. I can't wait to check that out!


design for mankind. said...

Wowza--- your blog is PHENOMENAL! :)

amy said...

whaaat? no, YOUR blog is phenomenal!

Anonymous said...

love them!

Lola said...

I love her work. The pieces are so full of emotion, she has really taken polymer clay to a new level!

amy said...

the level of detail in all of the work is really just amazing - especially the plaques. At the Hotcakes show, she and Betsy had 4 polymer figures that they collaborated on and I hope they do more!