Tuesday, February 12, 2008

new things, old things

this week I am working on another print and getting set up with an etsy shop. in the meantime, i thought i would share some more photos from my time in Italy.

This was on my train trip from Turin to Rome to see Karin. I had purchased the cheapest tickets, but I tried to sneak into the nice seats anyway, moving from seat to seat throughout the ride. Eventually i ended up in this dining car, and I had the whole thing to myself.

This was in a park in Rome. Italian TRL was being filmed nearby.

This image is the result of a long climb up narrow stairs on a hot day surrounded by lots of sweaty people. The journey to the top of the Vatican was the first time I realized that I have more than a little anxiety when surrounded by people in a narrow staircase. I made it though, and it was worth it.

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j said...

Awesome photos, Amy. You're inspiring this lazy blogger to post something.